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Bug Tracker retired. Meet Issue Tracker.

Last six months, since we managed to move all our team to a full time mode, we were working on improving Freedcamp’s most used part – projects. You probably noticed our updates in March, May, June and July.

We gave very little attention to our paid applications but we haven’t forgotten about them. This and next year we will improve – Wiki, CRM, Invoices+ and Calendar.

Today we are releasing an improved Password Manager and give you a completely redesigned, based on your feedback, Issue Tracker.

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Brand new list view with different views – compact, standard and detailed.

Freedcamp's Issue Tracker - batch views

Easy switch between issues on view issue page.

Freedcamp's Issue Tracker - easy switch

Improved filters and sorting – quick and powerful (1)(2)(3)

Ability to save and share filters in your team with public saved searches (4)

Common sense pre-created filters. All public so everyone can start using them from the get go. (4)

Freedcamp's Issue Tracker - filters and saved searches

Auto-generated issue numbers with unique prefix per project you can define. Default is three first letters taken from project’s name. Finally issues in different projects have different IDs.

Freedcamp's Issue Tracker - prefixes

New and improved batch actions – easily select some issues and change their attributes.

Freedcamp's Issue Tracker - batch actions

WYSIWYG and attachments support (also works with Google Drive module).

Freedcamp's Issue Tracker - html support and attachments

New attributes for issues – Closer, Due Date, Types (‘Bug’, ‘Cosmetics’, ‘Exception’, ‘Feature’, ‘Task’, ‘Usability’, ‘Performance’, ‘Auto’).

Workflow/permissions updated – only ‘closer’ can mark an issue as completed.

More details available in our documentation.

Try it out and reach us out with your feedback.

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  1. Ray Veeraraghavan says

    Would be great if the “Type” of issue can be made customizable. Currently it is very software engineering oriented, but I’d like to be able to use this for a laboratory environment.

    Another feature request: as part of tracking the workflow of issue tracking, the assigned person should be able to re-assign the ticket to someone else. This is a very common scenario – where a ticket is addressed to say someone in IT, and the IT may want to assign to someone in Facilities. Even better, the ability to assign multiple people to a Issue would be great since not always do we know where exactly the issue lies.

  2. tushar says

    Hi, thank you for this post the best part is Auto-generated issue numbers with unique prefix per project you can define. A default is three first letters taken from project’s name. very useful information