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Release Updates February 2014 – Valentines Day

We just launched a new version just in time for Valentines day!

Highlighted Feature: To-Do’s now have 1 Click Action Menu and a redesigned header!

  • To-Do’s: Clicking to edit a To-Do title now will open the extended description in one click
  • To-Do’s: Redesigned header shows you the information you need in a much easier to read format
  • To-Do’s: The new 1 click menu allows you to quickly complete tasks and move on
  • Wikis: Now has a much cleaner way of showing you what you are currently looking at
  • Daily Emails: Now show you any wall statuses that were posted
  • Files: You can now sort your files by which application they were uploaded in
  • Bug Tracker: There is now a way to see all your tickets no matter which status they are in
  • Username can now be found in my account
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements that are not worth mentioning await!

If you have any suggestions for future improvements, head over to our User Voice page and drop us a line.

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  1. Austin Lance Butler says

    Hey guys!

    Love Freedcamp! What an amazing product to give out for free!

    Went searching for the differences between “Tasky” and “To-dos” and came across this blog post. Any chance you could help me understand the different in these two approaches to task management within Freedcamp?


  2. agrublev says

    Hey Austin,

    To-Do’s are project based and meant to be worked on in a team. Tasky is for personal use and is meant to be used as personal reminders. There are huge plans on evolving it to help you track to-do’s throughout your projects, but for now it’s just a simple personal task management system like Remember The Milk.