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Growing Pains – The Good and the Bad

Anyone using Freedcamp the last couple of weeks may have noticed some slowing down and even server error pages. We are working very hard to ensure this does not happen any longer.

The Good

The good news is that Freedcamp has been growing in an exponential rate which means many more users are constantly working inside the system. This is great news for us as our dream of becoming the standard for collaboration online is becoming a reality.

The Bad

This means many of our current users are starting to experience some slowing down of the system. Which is completely unacceptable to us.


This was always bound to happen, and is nothing we can’t handle. Every single team member has contributed at least one improvement to the system which will speed things up. We’ve already implemented some, and are working to implement the rest. At the end of the day we have dozens of additional paths we can take from here that can sky rocket the speed of our application.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we fortify the system.

Angel Grablev
Freedcamp CEO

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  1. blaise says

    Yep – I’m going thru the same problems. It’s tough and a lot of hard work but at the end it’s not a bad problem to have :) Good luck!

  2. missy says

    Please share how someone that has LD can easily use Freedcamp (in terms of easy how-to-use instructions) thank you.