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Happy Anniversary, Freedcamp turns 1

Happy Anniversary Freedcampers!

I am honored and privileged to be writing this post and to be able to say that it has been a year since we launched Freedcamp to the world. Thats 365 days or 8,760 hours of free project management. Now multiply that by our 54,000+ users and you will understand the scale to which Freedcamp has grown.

The Freedcamp team has achieved a lot, sacrificed a ton, and moved innovation forward. I stand here this day proud for what my fellow co-workers and I have been through and where we are today. I look back at thousands of emails from happy users, a couple of occasions where our servers went down momentarily, so many experiences so much passion. I see a bright future for all of us, here at Freedcamp, and to our users who know what collaboration is. We couldn’t of done it without you, the user.

I don’t want to make this a long post, because the message is simple. We did it. Many doubted our ability to both remain free and stay up, we did. Many expected us to achieve great things and make project management simple, we did. But what’s more important is that we continue doing it every day.

Tonight we celebrate that free software does exist, and that good people can make good things happen.

Salute dear user, we are pleased to have you!

Angel Grablev
Freedcamp CEO

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  1. Amy Julia says

    Well said! So grateful to have Freedcamp as a free resource that has such awesome capabilities and constant support team! Thank you & happy first anniversary!!

  2. Jether says

    Congratulations! Thank you so much for the free collaboration tool and hope your free service remain free forever. Happy first anniversary…Keep it up :)

  3. sanshiro says

    :( mobile!

  4. Roger says

    I am a bit late, but I want to let you know that I am very grateful to all the Freedcamp team for their hard work to bring us such a wonderful product. It helps me a lot managing my projects with my clients and keep everything in a secure and central place. I am especially thrilled with the Invoices+ module that just came out a few days ago and can’t wait to see the mobile app coming!! 😉 Happy Anniversary!!

  5. francesco mari says

    Congratulations! I’m a huge fan of Freedcamp! Happy bday!

  6. agrublev says

    Thanks guys :) much appreciated!

  7. Adam says

    Is there any documentation on building apps for Freedcamp or adding them to the marketplace? I have a few ideas but Google comes up with nothing when I search for it….

    • agrublev says

      We don’t currently have ability for people to build apps.

  8. John Patrick says

    I’ve just had an initial look around this morning due to needing to set something up for remote collaboration on a new project and this looks just the job. Thanks.