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Version 2.3 Release.

Version 2.3 has arrived. Here is a list of the important additions and changes:

Calendar Application – Now Available In The Marketplace!  

The long awaited Calendar application is finally here! Calendar provides a monthly overview of all your tasks and allows you to create a to-do, edit a milestone, or schedule an event, all from one location! Calendar provides direct integration with both to-do and milestone applications, allowing you to: add new entries, edit existing ones, and remove those that you no longer need, directly from the calendar!


UX & UI Changes

  • New User Intro Wizard – We have provided a step-by-step guide for new users to get accustom to Freedcamp’s features and layout.
  • CRM Additions – Added fax number support and ability to create contacts in leads page.
  • Basecamp Import – Basecamp import is fully optimized allowing you to import your data, easily and efficiently.
  • Activity Widget For All Projects – This feature is now fully functional, allowing you to view an activity log across each and every project.
  • Private Wiki – Just like Discussions, Wikis now have the option to be set as private.

Additional Features

  • Remove Account – Though we would never like to see you leave Freedcamp, we have added the ability to delete your account. This can be found under the my account page.
  • Security Enhancements and Bug Fixes – Thank you for taking the time to report bugs to us. We’ve fixed majority of the bugs that have been reported, and added extra security enhancements to keep your projects safe.

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  1. Brady says

    Good stuff Team Freedcamp!

    Is there a way to manually run the “New User Intro Wizard”? I’d like to go through it even though I already have an account setup.

    • lt4ylor says

      Thank you, Brady!

      Unfortunately there isn’t a way to manually run the wizard – though it might not be a bad idea to add that.

  2. kym says

    Please erase my previous comment as it had a few typos!

    Hi guys just started working with Freedcamp and gotta say its pretty awesome so far! Road testing with a few projects right now to take for a proper test drive. I know you can’t be everything for everybody but ive been looking for an all in one
    Project Management tool,CRM, bug tracker for ages and this is very close to perfect for my companys needs. There are a few things im perhaps missing, like bug tracker dashboard widget? Private tasks? Hope its cool that i make some our suggestions via your uservoice app… but certainly it’s a very full featured already. These would be icing on the cake for me and do hope you think my suggestions would be useful to a wider community also…

    back to the testing and keep up the great work!

    • lt4ylor says

      Hi Kym,

      I appreciate your feedback as we are always open for suggestions and improvements. I’ll be sure to answer you in more detail on our help page.

      Thanks, and I’m glad you’re enjoying Freedcamp so far!

  3. Mike says

    Where can I access the “New User Intro Wizard”?

    • lt4ylor says

      Hey Mike,

      The walkthrough wizard is only available to new users that just signed up for Freedcamp. Sorry!

  4. Ata says


    I read about gantt chart support in version 2.2 in this blog . It’s 2.3 now but app doesn’t support gantt chart yet. what’s your plan about it?

    • lt4ylor says

      Hey Ata,

      We should be releasing Gantt charts along with some other applications in about two months (for Version 2.4). Thanks, and stay tuned!

  5. Ata says

    what’ your plan to support right to left language like Arabic or Persian(Farsi)? if you want to develop it, I am ready to help you.

    • lt4ylor says

      Thank you for the offer, but we unfortunately won’t be supporting additional languages at this time.

  6. Brett says

    I know it’s been a while, however is there any Google Calendar iCal feed for these calendar events placed within freedcamp? This feature is most desirable, and “integration” seems more like a login rather than true integration. Am I overlooking something to allow assigned tasks to show up in my Google Calendar?

    • agrublev says

      We had some performance issue with this integration, however I definitely believe this will be one of the very next features we release!

  7. Florian G. says

    Hey Angel

    How can i Import Basecamp Data?


    “Basecamp Import – Basecamp import is fully optimized allowing you to import your data, easily and efficiently.”

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Florian,

      Yes – it worked in 2011. After that Basecamp changed API making it not backward compatible. Our new users are mostly not coming from Basecamp and we do not have time to rewrite import again.

      Sorry about that.