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Version 2.1 Release.

Version 2.1 has arrived! Here are some of the important additions and changes:

  • To-Do Filtering
  • New and Improved Widgets
  • Activity Widget (old style dashboard)
  • CRM Widget
  • Tasky Widget
  • Printer Friendly Freedcamp (you can now print pages that look great on paper)
  • CRM Leads Category
  • CRM Campaigns Category
  • Improved Support for Older Browsers
  • Security Improvements
  • Minor Bug Fixes and Speed Optimizations (throughout the system and applications)

Support and Help

If you find any sort of bugs, or have any questions feel free to checkout We recently have had a high number of support items, so we ask that you please browse other questions on the support forum before posting.

Introduction Video

We have created a nice introductory video that will help you transition into Version 2.0, you can check that out by going to and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

What’s Coming

Version 2.1 is our first milestone, and we cleared up each and every bug we had reported since the launch of Version 2.0. Now with version 2.2 in the works, we get to focus on those amazing new features everyone has been requesting. So here’s what we have coming.

Development Roadmap:

  • Freedcamp Export
  • Invoices Plus
  • Calendar
  • Gantt Charts
  • Marketplace (new apps and improvements)

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  1. Valentin says

    Hello! thank you for this excellent collaboration tool. Is it possible to test the mobile application if it is under development? I havé access on iOS développer program.. I can use it and report bug on iOS 5.

    Thanks :)

    • lt4ylor says

      We’re glad you like it! Once a mobile app is in the works we will make an announcement, and those interested will have the ability to enroll in beta testing.

      Thanks for the interest!

  2. Milan says

    When do you plan launch 2.2? Will it contain Calendar and Gantt charts pls?

    • lt4ylor says

      We don’t have an exact time frame for 2.2 but we hope to include those above mentioned apps. Once we have a better idea we will make an announcement.

      Stay tuned!

  3. Boyan Kostov says


    Thank you for the great app.

    I wanted to ask you if there is any way of making the dashboard display dynamic content rather than selecting projects one by one. For example all active tasks on all projects, all active milestones, latest comments on discussions etc?

    • lt4ylor says

      There is an option to display content from all projects, but no option to specifically display dynamic content . Good idea, and something we may implement down the road. If you would like to leave a suggestion that we can track, be sure to visit and post it there.

      Thank you!

  4. eugenio marrari says

    I’m a new freedcamp user.
    I would like to have on my dashboard the resume of MY ACTIVITY from ALL PROJECTS. Is it possible?

    This software is very good, but without filtering to do by collaborator (i’m interested only in my total activity from all projects) in dashbord is very hard to take under control your activity through multiple projects…


    • lt4ylor says

      Hi Eugenio,

      There is currently a bug when you create an activity widget for all projects. We have fixed this issue and will be pushing the update this Monday.

      Stay tuned!

  5. Shane says

    I am really looking forward to Gantt Charts. The sooner the better!

  6. Matt says

    2.6 was recently released but I don’t see an option for Gantt charts. Has this feature been released or is it still in the works?

    • Angel Grablev says

      Yes unfortunately a Gantt chart isn’t as simple as using our existing data and displaying it inside a gantt chart, simply because we don’t collect a lot of the type of information a gantt chart collects. We have planned improvements to our Time tracking to help accomodate some of the missing pieces. Can’t issue a date, but a gantt chart is planned.