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Missing Features, Where Did You Go?

With the release of Version 2, many will notice that some features have been removed. This was deliberate in order to pave way for new implementations and overall improvements to the system.

Permanently removed features include:

  • Dashboard Activity Stream (Replaced with Widgets)
  • Time & Invoices Combined Application (Now Separate Applications)
  • Join Project / Project Passwords
  • Customizable Read, Write, Edit, Delete Permissions (Replaced with Preset Roles)
Missing features to be implemented:
  • To-dos Sort By
You may also notice that Basecamp Import is missing. Don’t worry as we are perfecting the feature and it will be implemented shortly. So stay tuned!


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  1. Olivier says

    Dashboard Activity Stream (Replaced with Widgets) :

    This doesn’t seem to include the notifications for updates to the various “discussions”.

  2. koko says

    I want to use also Ticketing system in