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Version 2.0 Changes Everything.

After months of anticipation, we are eager to officially announce version 2.0! Freedcamp is working very hard to bring you the best project management and collaboration platform on the web! Here are some of the amazing features you can expect:

  • App Marketplace: Add awesome applications to improve your work-flow and increase productivity (vote for apps)
  • Notifications: Never be left in the dark with new features like reply by email and SMS notifications
  • Dashboard Widgets: Customize the dashboard to your taste; see what’s important to you
  • Cleaner & Faster UI: Improved interface to reduce headaches and help you get things done fast
  • Core Improvements: Our core applications were given a face-lift and are better than ever
  • In the Works: A mobile application, full API for everyone, and much, much more!


We have already developed some applications which we think youa

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  1. Rob Jeffrey says

    All the new features sound very exciting, I can’t wait till Monday to give them a try.

    When you say “A mobile application” is in the works will this be a Mobile Web App or Native App? If it’s native, which platform(s) will be supported (please say Android will be among them)?

    • lt4ylor says

      Thanks Rob. We can’t wait till Monday either!

      To specify mobile application, this will be a native app that will hopefully be on both iOS and Android.

  2. Leonardo zakour says

    Excellent news, great job so far.

    Would love to see the new dashboard implemented, its missing that area where you can see whats next on the global “to do” list.


    • lt4ylor says

      We agree, and with the addition of customizable widgets it will provide a nice overview.

      Thanks Leonardo.

      • Leonardo zakour says

        Yes, dashboard nowadays are going trough a transition and ux design has to focus on them to have a good work flow. Love you are taking it into consideration. Thank you.

        It would be amazing to have also a dashboard widget that (not sure if you already included it or not on the new release) gives you an overview of the different users you have around the projects, that way if you are the art director you can see who is doing what and when, that way arranging tasks and optimizing time would a 2 min task.

        Just a thought. I will actually added it on the AppSuggestions.

        Thank you,


        PS. Count with my iphone4 for beta testing apps.

  3. Brady says

    This looks amazing!

    Please count me in for any beta testing, especially for mobile versions or Android apps!

    • lt4ylor says

      Version 2 beta has ended, but we will keep it in mind when we begin testing mobile apps.

      Thanks Brady.

  4. Esa Hiltunen says

    Sounds good! Can’t wait! Would appreciate an early beta invite to test. Thank you.

    • lt4ylor says

      Hi Esa.

      Beta testing has ended, and Version 2 will be released on Monday, August 29th. Thanks for the interest!

  5. Ross Dunn says

    Is there any news on the Android app? How is it coming?? Thanks 😀

    • lt4ylor says

      Hi Ross,

      Mobile app is in the works, and should be released in the next few weeks.


  6. Alex says


    Any news about the Android App? Will it be an actual app or just a web app?


  7. mariano says

    So, where can I find that Android app? There is none at the Google Play store and I can find it anywhere else. Has there been released a final version?

    • mariano says

      … I *can not* find it anywhere else…

    • lt4ylor says


      Due to some mobile development roadblocks we have yet to release a native Android (or iOS) app at this time. That said, we do offer which is optimized for mobile devices. Thanks!

  8. Jacobo says

    Cant wait until mobile app is ready

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      We feel the same :)
      We will be running Kickstarter campaign to add more functionality to iOS app & would really appreciate you joining and supporting our efforts!
      Plans are to release it in two months.