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Version 1.3.2

Even though most of our efforts are focused on developing Version 2.0 which is very different from the existing version it’s not lost on us that you deserve the features you request developed and launched. So today we are bringing two of the most requested features to Freedcamp. To-Do Description and SSL encryption.

To-Do Descriptions: When you start typing a to-do you will be presented with a textarea where you can enter any amount of information to help whoever is assigned to the task to complete the test in its entirety.

SSL Encryption: Just because we are free doesn’t mean we want you to miss out on any of the features our paid competitors have… so we are bringing SSL for free! Yep, a feature that can cost you between $20-299 is now available to you for the price of $0. This is to show you how serious we are about bringing you the very best project management that is more than affordable. To enable this functionality go to your account settings page and check the SSL checkbox. You will be logged out and when you log back in you will be in a completely encrypted page that protects you from those prying eyes! Unfortunately the meebo bar does break the encryption, so if you would like to use the full SSL you have to disable it from account settings, we are working with meebo to fix the issue.

If you don’t use the meebo bar we highly suggest turning it off as it will make pages load 2-3 times faster. The meebo bar is about 900kb download on page load.

We hope you enjoy the features and of course never hesitate to give us feedback in!


We are happy to announce that progress on version 2 is in full steam, we have new developers in the Freedcamp team who are working hard to maintain the current version and build the very best project management system! Our third-party developers who are building the mobile applications are indicating that progress is going smoothly, so let’s hope you are able to access Freedcamp from your phone soon.


Thanks to the hard work of our users we are also bringing 3 more languages with this release of Freedcamp! Russian, Bulgarian, and Dutch are now available for you from the Account Settings page. That’s more languages than pretty much any other PM system out there… yours for free. We do want to take a minute and thank the people who made this possible, we highly appreciate your help. Please reply to this blog entry to help us translate in even more languages! We would especially appreciate the help in translation to Portuguese.

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  1. Moises says

    Hi, i can help you with Portuguese translation :)

    • lt4ylor says

      Hi Moises,

      This post is in relation to our old platform (version 1). With the release of version 2, we no longer support language translation (at least for the time being). Thanks for the offer!

  2. Simon says

    Do you plan on re-integrating language translation in the future? If so, I could help out with German!

    • agrublev says

      Actually I believe the Freedcamp interface is moving away from using much language in general. Good design with quality icons goes a long way. A web application should be fully intuitive. I am sure that it’s a possibility for us to eventually have to bring back translation and improve our impaired user support, we simply can’t with the resources we currently posses.

  3. Ben says

    Hi there,

    How many languages Freedcamp provide?

    Have you provide Japanese or Chinese?


    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Hi Ben,

      Only English now.


  4. Jake Goh says

    Hi I can help translate to Malay and Vietnamese